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Visual Realisation

Hand and Eye Co ordination

Manual Dexterity

Brain Optimization

Mathematical Ability

Improve Dyslexia

Aid in correcting Stuttering

Stroke Rehabilitation

CONTACT:   JENNIFER   0409 839 130 OR 03 53 361343


FREE TRIAL –  Primary School Teachers,

Trainee Primary School Teachers for test trials ring 53 361 343

In 1983 Joy Adams, a teacher at the Ballarat Special School, was awarded the

Ballarat Senior Citizen’s Award,

in part for her invention of the ‘Joy Colourboard’.


She and other teachers had used this to improve the mathematical ability of

students at the Ballarat Special School for many years.


Joy died in 1993 before being able to produce this board and previously it had

been hand painted and cut out of wood.



This year, in 2013, the first sets have come off production and the very first set

sold, was purchased by the Ballarat Specialist School.


The Joy Colourboard has been submitted and accepted under the Educational

and Health section of the Bendigo Inventors Awards.





For Use in Schools, Kindergartens, Nursing Home/Hospital Rehabilitation and Private Home Coaching


Stroke rehabilitation.

Special School children education.

Dyslexia and stuttering correction.

Enhancing mathematical abilities with fractions,

decimals and tables.

Optimize brain function ‘One Brain Kinesiology’











Self Solving Exercises

NB.  Full Manual instructions and ongoing Self Solving exercise sheets available with purchase of sets.

Information sessions and In Service Day demonstrations – private demonstrations available by appointment any day or time but Saturday.



Letter from long term Principal of the Ballarat Special School  –  PETER L. LEA-WOOD


Dear Lindy and Family,

You may not remember me but I was principal of Ballarat Special School for most of your mother’s career there.

I regret that I did not know of her passing until after the funeral so was unable to attend.

Your mother was one of the most talented teachers I have known, with a great intellect, sill and understanding.  She was a totally honest and loyal professional and her dedication was unsurpassed in my experience.

Her classroom was a place of inspiration for children and was always full – even at recess and lunch times – of children engaged in fruitful and exciting activities.

I cannot count the number of children whose lives she ‘revived’ by her persistence and encouragement.

All of her pupils were once seriously educationally impaired; most left her to go to main stream post-primary education;  one even topped her form at technical school.

Your mother was also very frank, and even though the oldest staff member, was a leader in innovation.  Whenever she


discussion always lead to major positive development.  She was usually right , by the way.

I am sorry that she has died but infinitely glad that she lived.

I am only one of many people whose lives she affected for the better.

Sincerely yours,   PETER L. LEA-WOOD

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